Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Study visit to Israel: We learn from the best in the field

TTO Business Managers Jana Daňková and Radoslav Trautmann, along with the Head of Legal Department Pavel Koukal visited Israel to gain more inspiration and experience. Israel is considered to be No1. in technology transfer in the world.

On Monday, our colleagues attended the Israeli Tech Transfer Conference (ITTN) in Tel Aviv, today they attended training at the Hebrew University. Yissum is one of the oldest TTOs in the world (founded in 1964). Nowadays it has more than 9300 patents, 2600 inventions, 880 commercial licenses, and the establishment of 110 university spin-offs.

Our TTO staff visited Israel along with a delegation from other Czech tech-transfer offices, which was supported by Czech Government and organized by a Czech science diplomat in Israel, Delana Mikolášová.