Friday, August 25, 2017

Teaching Researchers How to Create Startups

We all love science. Some of us would love to monetize our research and deliver applications to the real world. To date one Institution leads the way in scientific entrepreneurship : MIT has 32000 active spin-offs prospering today. We wanted to find out how our fellow Researchers there manage such spectacular success. The answer is one core methodology: ‘Disciplined Entrepreneurship’ developed, deployed and refined over the years by Bill Aulet at MIT to empower scientists and researchers towards business success.

So CEITEC in association with Mendel University and Industra’s Brno AgLabs and MIT experts have syndicated the lessons of that powerful methodology, localized them for Central Europe and compressed the fundamentals into a 3-day interactive workshop program to be held in Brno at end October.

Would you join us for this unique Launchpad? See more Teaser info attached and then please click here to let us know you/or colleagues may be interested by Friday 1 September and we’ll get back to you with the detail you need.