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The bilingual newsletter INTERFACE has been published by the Technology Transfer Office of the Masaryk University since 2007. INTERFACE presents topics from the areas of technology and knowledge transfer, practical application of research results or successful academic business activities. Every issue includes interviews with scientists and representatives of both MU and the companies which the university cooperates with. Furthermore, the newsletter provides information on new technologies developed at MU, articles about events held by our office or overviews of patents and industrial designs obtained by the university. You can open the individual issues in pdf by clicking on the thumbnails.

INTERFACE 1/2018 Issue content:
Interface _01_2018 – Small
  • University and Private Company Developing Next-Gen Industrial Coating
  • Army Recruits Tested By MU’s Hypothesis
  • Communication with Companies Comes Natural to Us, Says Vice-Dean Matyáš
  • Icy Antarctica Puts First Czech Products to Trial
  • University Licensed Compounds for Promising Research of Nucleases to British Company
  • Immunosensors from CEITEC Aim for Application
  • First Year of OP RDE Brought Trainings, Workshops and International Conferences
INTERFACE 2/2017 Issue content:
Interface 2_2017 – Small
  • Researchers Developing Potential Treatment for Cancer Along with the British Say: Good Science Is Always Risky
  • Investigation Concerning Half-a-Century-Old Cell Line Led to Masaryk University
  • Companies in Our Region Would not Grow without Universities, Says the New CEO of JIC
  • Researchers Are Testing Better Methods of Measuring Hormone Contamination in Water. PoC Helps
  • Scientists Are Inducing Stress with NASA Test. They Intend to Develop Stress Meter
  • PoC Workshop Helped to Rate Chances of Technologies in the Market
INTERFACE 1/2017 Issue content:
Interface 1_2017 – Small
  • Science and Business Met at Business Research Forum of Masaryk University
  • Device Constructed by MU Scientists Detects Methanol Poisoning within Minutes
  • Demand for IT Law Specialists is Enormous
  • Business Research Forum in Numbers and Pictures
  • University Offers its Own System for Typesetting and Printing Braille
  • Products Tested in Antarctica can Obtain Special Trademark
  • New TTO Project Offers Education and Advancement of MU Departments
INTERFACE 2/2016 Issue content:
Interface_02_2016 (1)
  • Information Scientists Study Energy Supply Systems of the Future
  • Less Money but Great Benefits. Even Humanities Have a Lot to Offer
  • Unique Collection Sells Microorganisms, Stores Cultures and Offers Other Services
  • Hundreds Visited MU Stand at Invent Arena
  • Students Helped Zoo to Develop Application for Visitors
  • BioTechMed Project Ended, Search for a Cure for Leukemia Continues
  • Workshop Connected IT Lab with Commercial Partners
  • MU Obtained Nine More Patents
INTERFACE 1/2016 Issue content:
Inerface _jaro 2016
INTERFACE 1/2015 Issue content:
Interface _1_2015
  • Business Research Forum of Masaryk University Welcomed Over 300 Visitors
  • TTO Project Supported Development of Translation Memory Data Mining Methods
  • Cooperation of MU with Public Administration
  • Brochure Gives Information on Research Data Protection
  • Both Biology Students and Reprofit Company Report: Field Trips are Useful!
  • Psychologist from MU Develop Future Talents
  • CRoCS Lab Workshop Drawn ICT Companies
  • We Carry on Providing Education for Scientists
  • Czech Patents Protect 6 More MU Inventions
  • Transfera.cz Helps to Support and Develop Technology Transfer
INTERFACE 2/2014 Issue content:
Interface _2_2014
  • We Have Supported Technology Development in its Early Stages
  • Experts from All Around the World Met at the International Conference ICTPI
  • Contact Persons Will Improve Transfer Environment at MU
  • Plasma Technologies Conquer Industry
  • Technology Transfer: Natural Part of Strategic Plan of MU
  • CERIT Science Park: Another Job for TTO MU
  • KUK Acquisition System Can Help Other Libraries as Well
  • Second TT DAY Attracted Hundred Visitors
  • Round Table Focused on Scientific Development of Footwear
  • Workshop Presented Activities of LaSArIS Lab
INTERFACE 1/2014 Issue content:
Interface _1_2014_web
  • Martin Zvonař: We Cooperate with Both Doctors and Cyberneticists
  • New Spin-off Will Focus on Project Management
  • Beware of Fake Registers of Intellectual Property
  • Luděk Niedermayer: Well-Built Transfer System is the Best Way to Advertise MU
  • Corinth Classroom: (R)evolution Continues
  • Touch Contemporary Science at MU’s Interactive Exhibition
  • Educational Project Warns the Young: Your Lifestyle Will Catch up with You
  • News
INTERFACE 2/2013 Issue content:
  • Martin Bareš: The University Has to Have a Single Voice
  • Cliff Zintgraff, IC2 Institute, USA: Technology-Based Development at MU
  • Jaromír Homola, Corinth Ltd.: We’re Developing a World of Visual Education
  • IC2 Experts Take Part in Developing the TTO Team
  • TTO MU Team Organized First TT DAY
  • The First National Conference on TT Drew More than 140 Visitors
  • Luděk Matyska: CERIT-SC Is a Partner Prepared for Big Tasks
  • Biomechanical Footwear J HANÁK R: Healing Coollaboration
INTERFACE 1/2013 Issue content:
  • L. Janíček: Technology Transfer Is the Best Way to Build Relationships between MU and Industrial or Application Sphere
  • Prestigious Awards Go to MU Scientists and Spin-Off Entrepreneurs
  • TTO Arranged Meeting between Corinth Company and Team of Department of Biology FE MU
  • Dr. Ranjan Presented Technology Transfer in the USA to MU Scientists
  • Round Table Brought Discussion Concerning Ethics and Stem Cells
  • Vocilka: If You Have a Good Idea There Is Nothing to Be Afraid of
  • TTO MU Held Seminar for Technology Transfer Employees
  • Energetics from the Perspective of Social Sciences
  • Patents Obtained and Utility Models Registered
INTERFACE 1/2012 Issue content:
  • Celebrio Software: Inspirational cooperation 
  • A project focused on technology transfer will help research teams
  • CAVER: A commercial application of interdisciplinary cooperation
  • Platform for Industrial Cooperation Project
  • Strategic priorities of the CENTROPE region established by conference
  • Innovation vouchers support cooperation of scientists and companies for the fourth time already
  • A. Hlaváček: The MCC program can help chemists, physicists and economists
  • Glossary: Don’t lose yourself in the world of IP!
  • Patents awarded, utility models registered 
INTERFACE 2/2011 Issue content:
  • New detection cell: a successful technology transfer
  • RECETOX: Cooperating with industry as well as supporting students
  • EF-TRANS Project: Knowledge Transfer – How to do it?
  • Spin-off companies bring benefits to scientists and regions
  • Summer school on technology transfer
  • The SynBIOsis project will acquaint the Czech scientists with good practice
  • Managing intellectual property in grant projects
  • Patent applications, awarded patents 
  • The new seat of the TTO MU
INTERFACE 1/2011 Issue content:
  • Intellectual property: a property worth protecting
  • Commercialization: the right application of research results
  • Technology transfer office: supporting both science and business
  • Spin-off companies – Europe-proven scientist entrepreneurship
  • Legal aspects of contractual research
  • Patent applications and utility design registrations
  • Project ChemPoint: education of scientists and students 
  • The Innovation Voucher 2011 Call
INTERFACE 2/2010 Issue content:
  • IMUNA CZ, Ltd., and MU scientists cooperate in creating a new preparate for treating infections
  • The project of prof. Černák and the TONAK company won the "Best Cooperation of the Year" award
  • Intelligent vending machines: a progressive solution
  • Intelligent buildings: new quality in decision making and management
  • A field survey described the conditions and barriers of development of research in South Moravia region
  • The new ideas have to be protected in time – before publication
  • MU presentation at the International Engineering Fair
  • Awarded patents and invention applications
  • CoReTech: project succesfully finished
INTERFACE 1/2010 Issue content:
  • Incubators help to launch companies with innovative ideas
  • A survey has shown the interest of academics in technology transfer and the TTO services
  • Association of Industrial Partners FI MU: summary of the cooperation and future prospects
  • The Microsoft copany supports the Fakulty of Informatics in education of experts
  • The cooperation of IBM and the Faculty of Informatics brings innovation in both teaching and development
  • The ChemPoint familiarizes scientists with industrialists
  • Meeting under the patronage of CoReTech
  • The course Intellectual Property Rights
  • The awarded patents and invention applications
INTERFACE 2/2009 Issue content:
  • Masaryk University signed a contract of using a new technology with the TONAK company
  • The Institute of Computer Science develops new technologies with the AdvaICT company
  • The CETOCOEN project contributes to environmental and human health protection
  • M. Bunček: Finding common ground is the key
  • The cooperation of MU and the MANTA Technologies company will help the handicapped students
  • The MU technologies at Brno trade fairs
  • The Masaryk University received six new innovation vouchers
  • New invention applications 
INTERFACE 1/2009 Issue content:
  • CEITEC project advances Czech research teams to a world-class level
  • First-rate research can catapult the region among the elite
  • M. Kostka: Our mission is to turn ideas into products
  • ICT Brokerage 2009 encourages international collaboration between scientists and companies
  • Innovation vouchers will benefit enterprisers and universities
  • TTO courses teach scientists managerial skills
  • CoReTech project supports cross-border cooperation
  • TTO MU experts succeed in establishing biology course on intellectual property
INTERFACE 2/2008 Issue content:
  • Masaryk University Has Become a Partner of Imprimatur Capital
  • Masaryk University Succeeded with the Project SynBIOsis
  • MU Experts Partake in the Development of Next-Generation Treatments of Non-Woven Textiles
  • B. Thomas: South Moravia has great potential, but tangible economic results will take time
  • DNA Diagnostics Helps as Research and Experience
  • Nanotechnology is useful not only for industry, but also entertainment
  • Brochure Introduces the Top Laboratories
  • A New Semester Begins for the Course "Research and Development in Practice"
  • MU Presented its Research at a Trade Fair in San Diego
INTERFACE 1/2008 Issue content:
  • Research of antitumor vaccines at MU supports both university and commercial domains
  • We increase quality of treatment and we quickly introduce innovations into practise
  • IBA is a top partner in scientific projects and clinical research
  • RECETOX centre carries out research of air pollutants
  • What is the third role of universities?
  • EU Project Advisory Service
  • Students of MU can attend a new research management course
  • TTO will present University at ANALYTICA 2008
  • MU will introduce its plasma technologies on the Profintech fair
INTERFACE 1/2007 Issue content:
  • Cooperation With Pioneer Companies: Universities Profit
  • J. Slovák: We Want to Help in Breaking Through Barriers
  • INVEA: A Bridge Between the Academic and Commercial Spheres
  • L. Chodák: We Enjoy Implementing New and Interesting Things
  • Brief Introduction of Some Laboratories
  • Supercomputers Help Scientists and Students
  • MU Files More Patent Appliacations
  • MU Was Awarded a Patent
  • Scientists' Unknown Face


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