For Scientists

The Technology Transfer Office was established to support the collaboration of the scientific community of Masaryk University with the industry and to boost the transfer of research results into practise. In many research projects it is presumed that the results of the project will be applicable in practise and the exploitation plan is a compulsory part of FP7 projects as well.

Intellectual Property

  • Providing protection of intellectual property resulting from research
  • Providing authors of inventions with administrative and legal support
  • Cooperating on application of knowledge and technology
  • Dividing incomes from technology transfer
  • Consulting in the area of intellectual property rights 

Business Development

  • Seeking commercial partners for contractual research
  • Obtaining financial resources to fund contractual research
  • Negotiating and drafting contracts
  • Supporting business innovations and starting of spin-off companies
  • Offering and selling technologies and knowledge (inventions, know-how, software etc.) 

Promotion and Training

  • Training scientists and students: intellectual property, business activities, project management
  • Organizing seminars, workshops and consultations
  • Presenting research results at conferences and fairs
  • Presenting results of technology and knowledge transfer at Masaryk University