Enhancement of the output voltage of galvanic cell above thermodynamic value for medical use

Field: Diagnostics | Medical devices


The enhancement of the output voltage is usually achieved by serial stacking of primary cells. The output voltage of our improved galvanic cell is enhanced by a simple change in the internal architecture. The whole design is realized in the one volume of an electrolyte, in a single container. The multiplied value of the voltage of the original primary cell is thus obtained for the improved single cell. Our approach simplifies the issues of energy supply potentially leading, for example, to the usage of the lower number of accumulators and cells.

Commercial opportunity

Technology is suitable as a power supply for e.g. point-of-care diagnostic applications. This concept is generally applicable for all types of chemical energy sources (employing an electrolyte) – galvanic cells (batteries) and for fuel, enzyme, and microbial-based biofuel cells. It provides the possibility to be used as an energy source for the simple, one-purpose and specialized applications where it will be integrated into the body of the electronics. Moreover, it seems optimal also as a solution for implantable analytical devices powered by biofuel cells using substances available in the living system, e. g. glucose, electrolytes.

This innovative technology can be used as power supply:

activated by moisture

  • flood sensor
  • life jacket

for point-of-care testing devices*

  • glucose testing
  • hemoglobin testing (for anemia)
  • coagulation testing
  • cholesterol/lipid testing
  • lactate testing
  • hemoglobin testing
  • biosensors for e.g. Lyme disease

* In combination with technology in Czech patent application PV 2017-483 (Method of determination of an analyte present in the liquid sample, electrode for the detection of an analyte in the liquid sample, method of its preparation, set for determination of the presence of an analyte and its utilization).

IP protection status

Valid patents in the territory of CZ, D, F, GBR and I

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