The Tested in Antarctica trademark is getting international

The Tested in Antarctica trademark, which has been valid in the European Union since last year, has been extended to Russia, the USA, and Ukraine since this year. To extend the protection of the logo with an icy snowflake, Masaryk University decided based on discussions with commercial partners who had their products tested at the J. G. Mendel stations.

21 Aug 2019

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"After the registration of an international trademark, the WIPO shall notify all states for which the protection is sought. These states may, within a year or a year and a half, refuse protection if this is contrary to their national law. However, we believe the registration of our trademark will be smooth," said TTO Intellectual Property Manager Markéta Vlasáková.

The Technology Transfer Office of MUNI has been cooperating on the project Tested in Antarctica with the Polar Research Team since 2016 when the Czech trademark was registered. Two years later it was supplemented by a European trademark, this time in the English version.

The trademark is granted by Masaryk University to products that have been tested and succeeded in the hard conditions of Antarctica. After the first two years of testing, the trademark has been granted to nine different products, from outdoor equipment and clothing to waterproofing membranes.

It was the membrane manufacturer, the Czech company Fatra, who was first interested in the European trademark. "About 70 percent of our products are exported abroad. Customers from Finland, Norway, and Sweden will notice that the product has passed a tough test," said Jaromir Novak from the company's management at a June press conference. The interest of commercial partners in the use of the trademark abroad was an incentive to extend the protection to other countries.

The polar research team is already preparing for an expedition for the next year, traditionally leaving to Antarctica just after Christmas. "If any company is interested in having their products tested, it is time to contact us. Our office provides complete service, including the negotiation of terms and related legal services," assures TTO Business Manager Jana Dankova, who is in charge of the project.


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