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We are happy to share our experience and draw inspiration from others. That's why we closely cooperate with similar offices, departments, institutions, research institutes and centres not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. We associate in various platforms and use the cooperation to improve our efficiency.

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CzechInvest is a state investment and business development agency subordinate to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic. It negotiates both domestic and foreign investments in the field of production, strategic services and technology centres. It supports small, mid-sized and new businesses, business infrastructure and innovations.

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IC2 Institute – University of Texas

The tradition of this interdisciplinary institute of the University of Texas in Austin dates back to 1977. It is a research and educational centre in the field of economic sciences; it specializes in communication between research institutions, public funding and the commercial sector. It is based on the idea that technological innovations can boost regional economic development through the cooperation between universities, the government and the private sector.

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South Moravian Innovation Centre (JIC)

JIC was established in Brno in 2003 as an interest group of legal persons. It provides help especially to innovative companies, students with innovative ideas, researchers and inventors. It also supports cooperation between the industry, research institutions and the public administration; it creates conditions for easier innovative entrepreneurship in South Moravia.

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Svaz průmyslu a dopravy ČR

In July 2015, Masaryk University officially became a member of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic. It thus became part of the strongest employers' confederation in the Czech Republic which represents the majority of the domestic companies active in the given fields. Thanks to its membership, MU is able to participate in the Confederation’s activities regarding cooperation with companies and thus strengthen its relationship with the commercial sector. Technology Transfer Office acts as a contact point for the Confederation (SP ČR) at MU.

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The national platform Transfera.cz protects the interests of the Czech transfer community with the aim to promote and develop activities in the field of technology and knowledge transfer. It associates more than 30 transfer offices and other companies or institutions in the field of TT. 

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Vědavýzkum.cz (Science&Research.cz) is an information portal the aim of which is to publish and publicize relevant, well-structured and up-to-date information about research, development, innovations and related issues such as intellectual property protection, technology and knowledge transfer, commercialization, cooperation with the industry, etc. The portal is operated by the non-profit think tank, Tertiary Education & Research Institute(TERI). TTO MU also contributes to the website.

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