From Patenting to Applied Science

Masaryk University Technology Transfer Office, in cooperation with the Faculty of Pharmacy, invites you to the afternoon dedicated to technology transfer. We have the honour to welcome Dr. Yashwant Pathak, PhD, Fulbright Scholarship holder, and Dr. Markéta Vlasáková, IP protection specialist from the Technology Transfer Office, share the experiences with technology transfer challenges for universities and a perspective of patenting at Masaryk University.

15:00–15:40 Why should you patent and how to do it at Masaryk University
(Dr. Markéta Vlasáková)
What are the differences between publishing and patenting? What are the pitfalls of patenting? Who will assist to you at Masaryk University?

15:40–16:30 The challenges of applied science at universities and how to face them
(Dr. Yashwant Pathak)
Are universities ready for the technology transfer challenges? Building the intellectual property has become a main focus of leading universities in many countries. The universities have gone through transitions from simple didactic teaching to research to now building entrepreneurship to answer the global challenges. 

The event is open to all scientists, PhD students and anyone, who is interested in patenting and applied science.


About speakers

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Yashwant Pathak
Dr. Pathak has held several positions as dean, research specialist, guarantor of graduate programs, chair of several research groups in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, physiotherapy, and nursing, and now holds the position of Vice-Dean at the University of South Florida.
Some of his global achievement include Fulbright Senior Scholars, as well as Fulbright Senior Scholar at Masaryk University in 2024.

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Markéta Vlasáková
Dr. Vlasáková si responsible for of intellectual property strategy and protection at Masaryk University. She manages registration of industrial property at whole Masaryk University and communicates with the scientists across the faculties. She has dealt with hundreds of patents, utility models and trade marks. She has 12 years of experience in management and maintenance of intellectual property.

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