MUNI Has Been Testing Products in Antarctica for Three Years

Rapid changes in temperature, intense UV radiation, a strong, gusty wind which often changes direction and speed and carries a lot of sand, grit and salt. These polar extremes are well-suited not only for scientific research but also for commercial testing of materials and technologies. Since 2016, the products that have successfully withstood the Antarctic extremes are awarded the Tested in Antarctica trademark.

30 Jun 2020 Ondřej Franek

Now, this trademark can be used abroad as well
The Tested in Antarctica trademark granted by Masaryk University to products that were successfully tested in the rough Antarctic conditions at the Czech Antarctic Station of J. G. Mendel was already awarded to 9 products and technologies. The products that earned the right to bear this trademark include not only personal equipment such as hiking boots, hats and socks but also nano waterproofing or a waterproofing membrane. Due to the commercial partners’ interest, last year the trademark’s validity was extended outside the Czech Republic. The Tested in Antarctica trademark is now valid in the European Union, Russia, USA and Ukraine.

Products are tested by polar explorers and harsh conditions
The tested products and technologies are brought by the Masaryk University polar expedition to the Antarctic Station located on James Ross Island. There, the members of the scientific expedition test the properties of the products declared by their respective manufacturers in the harsh polar conditions. If the products successfully pass the tests, their manufacturers win the right to use this valuable trademark.

How can you get the trademark?
Any company interested in having their products tested can contact the manager of the Czech Antarctic Station, Mr. Pavel Kapler (, or TTO MU that provides full administrative support. Basic information can be found on the website

Holders of the Tested in Antarctica” Trademark

• Heavy Duty Outdoor Shoes S50862 PREDATOR GTX | Manufacturer: Prabos plus a. s.
• Waterproofing Membrane FATRAFOL 810 (810/V) | Manufacturer: Fatra, a. s.
• Nano waterproofing of textile and leather | Manufacturer: IMPRE CZ s. r. o.
• Hiking shoes Prabos Vagabund S70658L | Manufacturer: Prabos plus a. s.
• Socks VoXX Stabil | Manufacturer: Fuski BOMA s. r. o.
• Socks VoXX Vision | Manufacturer: Fuski BOMA s. r. o.
• Knitted Merino Hat KAMA AW54 | Manufacturer: K A M A spol. s r.o.

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