TTO MUNI again hosted internships for Tech Transfer colleagues

The TTO of Masaryk University is one of the longest-running transfer centers in the Czech Republic. We do not want to keep our fourteen years of experience just for ourselves, so at the beginning of August, the TTO hosted colleagues from seven workplaces from various parts of the Czech Republic who came to Brno to inspire. The second year of internships followed the successful pilot from last summer.

12 Aug 2019

A total of 24 trainees took part in the TTO internships within eight days. With experts from our team, they had the opportunity to look into the environment and operation of the transfer office, which, with its long-term experience and thanks to the quality of the services provided, is considered to be the domestic leader in its field. Topics ranging from legal issues, through valuation, accounting and registration of intellectual property to PR and CTT operations including financing were discussed. And the transfer activity itself could not be missing.

"During the two days dedicated to transfer cases, we focused on two key topics. The first day was about Proof of Concept, where we went through the entire project process, from project application evaluation, project management to its subsequent commercialization. We introduced participants to transfer cases where we focused on standard situations such as licensing of intellectual property, as well as non-standard examples, such as transferring intellectual property rights to another entity, and tried to warn the participants of possible errors and their consequences," said Dr. Radoslav Trautmann.

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