University has 22nd spin-off focuses on mental health

30 May 2023

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MilkyWay Be Well has developed MyWay Analytix in collaboration with the MU Faculty of Medicine, an online software for mental health analysis and support in the workplace, which integrates evidence-based medicine and modern mental eHealth technologies. As the 22nd spin-off, the company was incorporated in April 2023, shortly after which Martin Bořil, Managing Director of the company, officially received the spin-off certificate at the Business Research Forum.

"Thanks to our previous collaboration with the Institute of Medical Psychology and Psychosomatics, and given the fact that mental health is now becoming the biggest health challenge worldwide, together with the expert team of the Faculty of Medicine we agreed on a common vision and the need to reverse this negative trend in mental health. We want to achieve this through unique and precisely targeted ehealth solutions that are based on Evidence Based Medicine, clinical practice using the latest technologies, and that have the ability to reach large groups of people at a single moment. This shared vision and passion to change the world led us to officially collaborate," explains Bořil, co-founder of the company.

One of the representatives of MilkyWay be well is Associate Professor Miroslav Světlák, a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and teacher at the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University. Světlák was also one of the winners of the MUNI Innovation Award 2023 for the development and success of the MOU MindCare mobile mental health app. "The main advantage of our app is that people can gain insight into what are the fundamental pillars of mental health that empower patients to get through cancer in the privacy of their phone. For us, the award is both great feedback that we are doing something that makes sense. At the same time, it lets the world know about us, because developing mobile apps is an incredibly financially challenging thing and now we can better find partners who will help us develop our ideas further," explains Miroslav Světlák, Head of the Institute of Medical Psychology and Psychosomatics.

For MilkyWay be well, the spin-off status of Masaryk University is a logical outcome of the mutual cooperation with experts from the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University. "This status allows us to better and more attractively promote our solutions to potential clients and partners, increases our credibility and contributes positively to the overall reputation of the company. We are proud to be the first ever spin-off company of the Faculty of Medicine and the 22nd spin-off company of MUNI. This is a great honour for us, but also a commitment," adds co-founder Bořil.

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